Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lani Misalucha at the Hilton in Las Vegas

Lani Misalucha at the Hilton in Las Vegas

By Ray Lanfear

Just in case you have not heard, one of the greatest entertainers is back and performing nightly at the Shimmer Cabernet at the Hilton in Las Vegas.

She electrifies the audience with her "vocal cords" that contain an opera from within her voice at all times.

She simply has a range like no other singer in Vegas today. Quite often she will come right off the stage and into the audience to give that added touch of an outstanding performer. and really makes you connected to her, live and in person.

Lani Misalucha simply knows how to exceed your expectations for a headliner performance. Simply, a high energy performance that will literally "knock your socks off." Together, they are a must see performance, bringing to the stage happiness and a high energy performance of a lifetime.

Lani has a voice, and talent beyond your expectations, a pleasant surprise that will simply have you standing on your feet, clapping, over and over again. From her imitations of many of the shows on the Las Vegas strip of female singers, from Brittany to Tina Turner will amaze you with the accuracy in her voice.

Attended this packed showroom last weekend, and we were standing on our feet, along with the crowd, for the many encores they both received, that was well deserved for their outstanding performances.

I would encourage you to see her show, the next time you visit Las Vegas, an outstanding performance at a fair price, what more could you ask for?.

Ray Lanfear, resides in Las Vegas, has many articles published and has been attending Vegas shows for over 40 years, for more information on Ray, simply visit Facebook or MySpace under his penname of haveittodayray.

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